singing sticks didgeridoo and world music weekend July 21-23 - Family friendly

Performances offered by probably some of the worlds best Chill Out Didgeridoo music artists all over the weekend

Wooden Travel ( awesome UV band with percussion and didgeridoos )

Andrea Furlan ( Italian Didgeridoo player with some serious skills )

Resonnate ( Didgeridoo player with many songs, instruments and skills )

Michael Irger Didge Dynamic ( German Didgeridoo player with electronics )

Jono Guiness ( Amazing Didgeridoo player with great skills )

Car Dia ( Full band with lots of celtic pagan influences )

Inta Africa ( Full on Dance Drum Team, Percussion, singing and Didgeridoos )

Tritor ( Full band with multiple instruments and didgeridoos )

Copperman ( Didgeridoo player and guitarist with great skills )

Musical Mud ( Michelle Didgeridoo player and multi instrumentalist ) 


Andrea Furlan

Matt Copperman

Inta Africa