WORKSHOP PROVIDERS ( contact us as we are looking )

FREE weekend camping ticket in exchange

Camp anywhere within sight of the proposed workshops information area

We would prefer each workshop to be a minimum of 30 mins and we understand others need longer and we will allow up to 2 hours with possibly up to 2-3 workshops offered over the weekend ( or 1 if only coming for the day )

If you are coming for the one day only then you will be asked to park on the hard standing so that you can carry your items to the workshops area ( its nearby )

Workshop providers please contact us with basic information regarding what you are happy to offer




Childrens make musical instruments

Body scan and relaxation

Awareness of emotions and how to deal with stress

Going on a journey and how to access your higher self to reach your full potential

Dream Catcher making ( TBC )

Didgeridoo lessons for Beginners, intermediate and advanced

Gong healing / Sound Baths

Woodland Foraging TBC

Native American Flute playing

Djembe, hand drum lessons / playing

Shakti Dance ( TBC )

Yoga ( TBC )

Tai Chi

Hula Hoop spinning ( TBC )

Crystal Healing ( TBC )

Massage ( TBC )

Balloon modelling  ( TBC )

Giant Jenga

Basic wood crafting ( TBC )

And many more, all the info will be on blackboards outside the main meeting / info area ( outside the onsite cafe ) and they will state free or paid etc

Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Weekend Family friendly camping music event

Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Weekend
Family friendly camping music event