A beautiful relaxed and chilled out escapism weekend is pleased to be able to offer these amazing FREE WORKSHOPS OVER THE WEEKEND

( workshops are for BOTH children and Adults )

All the info will be on blackboards outside the main meeting / info area ( outside the onsite cafe ) 


Native american flute, learn from a master how to make these beautiful instruments sing and dance with sound in the wind, easily create enchanting and haunting music ( ->>Bring your own flute to this workshop! )

Gary Webster: Box guitar maker and Player  

Shamanic Journeyman – this person will take you on a mysterious journey (TBC)

Learn to play didgeridoo for beginners and more advanced – Circular breathing techniques

Handpan Drum for beginners, heard these beautiful instruments on youtube? Nows your opportunity to play one and release the sounds within

Traditional Didgeridoo playing, learn some great techniques and new sounds or style playing the old school trad way

Drum and Voice, take your voice to another dimension and see where it can go coupled with learning some beautiful rhythms on the drum

Poetry and spoken words, poetry spoken by poets and also help is offered on getting your own words out to people’s ears

Group drumming, bring your hand drum / djembe along and join the orchestra of new rhythms, new sounds and new ways to play your drum. Create some amazing tribal music with many others!

Yoga workshops, move and sculpt your body into stretched movements that allow all your joints to move freely and more relaxed ( TBC )

Sound baths / Sound Journey, go on a journey of sound and let the vibrations take you far away on your own semi conscious journey of discovery (TBC)

Circus skills, try juggling, poi twirling, plate spinning and many other circus related fun ( TBC )

Lots of Open mic sessions, All live mics on PA systems ready for anyone to go and jack in or grab the mic to let others enjoy what you can create 

Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Weekend Family friendly camping music event