Welbeing & Health

There will be lots of lovely chilled out things again this year

Tai Chi



Gong Baths

Sound Healing

Shakti Dance


Hula Hoop

and much more all FREE ( please check with each provider as some may be pay for! )

To really relax why not grab a blanket and find a spot in the well cared for woodland, lay-down and just relax in the beauty of the surroundings for a while 🙂

HEALTH AND / OR WELL BEING WORKSHOP PROVIDERS ( contact us as we are looking )

FREE weekend camping ticket in exchange

Camp anywhere within sight of the proposed workshops information area

We would prefer each workshop to be a minimum of 30 mins and we understand others need longer and we will allow up to 2 hours with possibly up to 2-3 workshops offered over the weekend ( or 1 if only coming for the day )

If you are coming for the one day only then you will be asked to park on the hard standing so that you can carry your items to the workshops area ( its nearby )

Workshop providers please contact us with basic information regarding what you are happy to offer