There will be lots of lovely chilled out things again this year – more being added near the event start date.



Come and Breathe with us and take a deep journey into self. Conscious Breathwork allows balance and flow to be restored, clearing and transmuting anything that no longer serves you from the deepest depths of your being offered by


Sound Journeys / Gong baths


Drumming ( daytime )






Breathe Work


Various disceplines of healthy body martial arts such as

Chi Kung used by Zen Buddhist monks South Korea to promote even more stillness before meditation. Gifted by a practiced novice Buddhist monk

WHITE CRANE – Body & Mind Movement Techniques

And possibly more to be added.


Why not simply come along to really relax, grab a blanket lay-down and just bath in the beauty of the surroundings and other beautiful friendly people for a while and watch the clouds to find amazing shapes etc 🙂

All we have is time so just stop and use some of it wisely and constructively and enjoy life if only for a little while!