Hello all you beautiful Handpan Players and non players / Handpan music makers and music lovers!

Singing Steel is an openess Handpan space set within our wonderful Didgeridoo and world music weekend musical world!

Its Handpan Heaven!

The Handpan & world music are so sympahetic to eachother and harmonise well, with this in mind we have again added a handpan area within singing sticks.


Handpan players are more than welcome to come along and share their playing or just chat or Jam over the weekend.

There will be a Handpan maker at the event with a few wonderful handpan instruments to try out.


You can easily meet other like minded people who have a common interest in these wonderful sounding instruments.

Its a wonderfull weekend full of musical promise as you will get to meet many other musicians that come from all walks of life, you can eat, drink, be merry and have a great weekend away in an idillic place full of beautiful people

Its a weekend of feeling welcomed and a part of something bigger set just down the road from the famous Stonehenge monument.

See the venue page for maps and venue information etc.

If you are a beautiful person then you are most welcome to come and find a place full of friendly people.



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