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Awesome Workshops by a household name Karen Skehel

Over the last few years Karen has led well received workshops at many conscious camps and festivals including Buddahfield, Into the Wild, Rawfest, Laughter Festival, World Yoga Festival, Om and Bass Yoga Festival,  Wood Festival, Gone to Earth, Spirit Fest and Sun and Moon.

Aside from sharing her work at these camps and festivals, she has also shared Dance Meditation, Dance of the Heart,  in front of millions on BBC1 (The One Show 6pm; where the focus was on having fun, without alcohol and on international TV in South Korea (as part of a documentary on Dance as therapy with many other teachers from around the world). Her relationship coaching work has also been featured on ITV.

She has a broad repertoire of workshops to offer

Compassion Focused Wellbeing Initiatives;

  • Mind Body Mindfulness;  (Compassion Focused Somatic Mindfulness Meditation Practices)

  • Mind Body Mindfulness (Relax & Sleep;) (Compassion Focused Somatic Mindfulness Meditation Practices)

·     Movement to Music with Moving Meditation (Compassion Focused “Dance of the Heart”; Dance Meditation Online);

  • Compassionate Touch

·     Self Leadership Workshops; (Self Compassion ; The WD40 for the Soul; A must do Workshop Programme);


Dance of the Heart (I can offer both a traditional version; which does include hugging and/or a socially distanced version; without …..what are your thoughts? )

Compassion Focused Healing Touch done on Self (someone might like to sound for me for this)

Here’s a bit about Karen Skehel:

Over more than 14 years, I have helped thousands of clients with their “well-being” and “feel good” through a combination of individual sessions, workshops and retreats, plus many millions have watched my work on BBC1, ITV and international TV. You may have seen my long term contributions to Natural Health Magazine too (I wrote for them over a four year period.)

Pre lockdown she was offering Dance Meditation and my Cornucopia of Meditations to a number of charities including; Age UK, The Mulberry Centre (a complementary cancer charity), and Crisis (A Homeless Charity)

As a facilitator of “well-being” and “feel good”, I am unusual in that I have a broad repertoire of offerings and a wide range of skills in transformational coaching and coaching supervision, leading meditations, teaching dance meditation, and in energy work.