singing sticks didgeridoo and world music weekend July 21-23 - Family friendly


Its nearly that time to get your tent and weekend clothes sorted and packed!

YESSSS The Sticks music event is ready to rock your world as the weekend is fast approaching


This is for all you lucky people that are coming to the sticks weekend

Remember fellow Sticks event goers, you can never suss out the British weather until the day so Prepare well for every eventuality.

Here’s some festival must haves:

Some form of musical instruments, didge, drum, guitar, xylophone, triangle etc etc

Your ticket printouts

Understanding of where the site is ( googled etc )

Working torch

Water Proofs (just incase the British summer isnt good to us)

Decent footwear for traversing round the woods

Wellies (just incase the british summer isnt good to us)

Brolly (just incase the british summer isnt good to us)

Hat (For sunny days and to look cool)

Flip Flops (you never know)

Sun Cream (you never know)

Cuddly toy (why not)

Video Camera / Camera

Sleeping Mat / Bag

Waterproof Ground Sheet

Good Sense of Humour

Maybe a tent would be good for all you weekenders

There will be more but you know what that stuff is

# And anything else you can think of that you might take on a weekends survival course / event / festival etc



Camping is Fully allowed again this year and is being promoted by the sticks organisers

So you can escape the camping field and stay under the tree canopy in specially cleared grassy areas, very nice and unlike almost any other campsite in the UK!

Bar-B-Q charcoal bricks are also useful as there are bar-b-q sets dotted around the woodland


No Glass Bottles

See you soon!


Please be aware that we might produce a festival DVD and as such whilst onsite there is a very high chance that you will be recorded during the event and the video footage will be used in any way that we choose IE electronic, digital and printed etc