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Artists / Performers | Singing Sticks Didgeridoo and World Music Weekend JULY 21-23 -- 2017

Performances by probably the worlds best Didgeridoo music artists from all over the weekend

Here’s who’s coming to play on one of our different stages over the weekend,

Stages and play order to be established over the weekend

GreenHeart – 2 piece guitar, singing and didgeridoo group

Inta Africa Р Hand drumming band with Didgeridoo bass lines

Tall Paul Didgeridoo – Solo Didgeridoo player, multi CD creating musical tongue twisting rhythms

Andrea Furlan – Italian didgeridoo player with awesome rhythms

Copperman – Didgeridoo and guitar

Didge-beat George – Fast didgeridoo and drums

iyatraQuartet –¬†roots/contemporary world music twist with didgeridoo (TBC)

Awakened – tribal dub rhythms of didgeridoo, bass guitar, drums and cosmic percussion into a unique psychedelic soundscape

SOMA – Chris Puleston – full on band with lots of percussion, sitars, and didgeridoos

Michael Irger – Solo Didgeridoo player

Wildwood – Didgeridoo duo offering awesome collective didgeridoo mesmerising beats and handpan

Jono Guinness – multi talented solo didgeridoo player

Peter Night Eagle – world class native american flute player to open the stage and chill you right out ready for the evenings entertainment to follow ( TBC )


The performers list is constantly growing and evolving, stay tuned!

The MC / Compare for saturday night is the awesome entertainer and MC Tony